The Desert Collection


I never imagined myself living in the desert.  And I certainly never imagined loving it as much as I did.  But if you've ever spent any time in the desert, you know if can be pretty magical.  From the plants and wildlife that have found a way to thrive in unbearable conditions, to the blooms that seem to come from the most unexpected places, and the people who embrace each other with kindness and what can only be shared misery in the "dry heat".  The fabrics in this collection were carefully curated to represent the things that I love most about desert life.  

You'll find designs inspired by the towering saguaros that have been growing for 200 years (what must those first settlers have thought when arriving in Arizona!), the most saturated sunsets and cotton candy pink skies, radiant flowers that seem to appear in a perfectly designed rotation so that something is always in bloom, and fruit trees that literally let you turn lemons into lemonade (or limoncello!).  And while wildlife is prevalent in the desert, I can't say that I've ever seen a wild llama.  They were too cute to leave out though.  

I hope that you find something in this collection that reminds you that you can find beauty in even the most unexpected places.

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